Welcome friends.

Cyber Wizard Institute is an open, collaborative, and free programming school based out of the Sudo Room hackerspace in Oakland, CA.

We ran two sessions of Cyber Wizard in 2014 and 2015. One session was a month long, on weekdays, from 12PM-6PM. The second session was two weeks long, at night on weekdays and during the day on weekends (because it was only two weeks, we met every day).

There is a session of CWI happening in Prishtina, Kosovo at the Prishtina hackerspace from June 6 to June 23, 2017.

We have provided all of our materials for anyone who would like to learn and for anyone who is interested in running their own Cyber Wizard sessions.

Course Materials

intro to unix & command line notes video
html and css notes video
text editors: vim notes video
text editors: emacs no notes available video
intro to networking notes video
intro to javascript notes video
intro to python notes video
intro to node.js notes video
git and github notes video
the DOM notes video
intro to SQL no notes available video
leveldb notes video
streams in node.js notes video
regular expressions notes video
svg notes video
npm and using npm modules notes video
turing machines no notes available video
user experience (UX) notes video
user interface (UI) notes video
mobile app development and cordova notes video
using software to make physical things happen no notes available video
security and penetration testing notes no video available
building a web app notes video 1
video 2
browserify no notes available video
fuzzy logic and operator overloading notes video
intro to markdown notes no video available
writing modules with regular expressions no notes available video
set theory video 1
video 2
algorithmic complexity notes no video available
map reduce notes no video available
intro to data analysis notes
data and data types in js notes no video available
screen notes no video available
fun with synths no notes available video

The above is a partial list. See all lecture notes and all videos.

Learn more

See our github organization.

On IRC we are in #cyberwizard on freenode.